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The original against all odds battle 300 spartans at the. The real battle of thermopylae battle of 300 spartans. From a combined force of 7,000 allied greek forces holding the pass of thermopylae, to the athenian sea battle fending off the persian fleet from flanking the spartans and the allied greek ground troops holding thermopylae, to the persians destruction of athens. The greeks spartans and allies knew they were outnumbered and hadnt a prayer, so it was no surprise that the persians won the battle of thermopylae. Get a concise look at the history of the battle of thermopylae in just 60 minutes. The battle of thermopylae and the 300 spartans legendary in the annals of history are the spartan warriors of ancient greece.

Students may be familiar with this famous battle from its depiction in zack snyders movie 300, based on frank millers graphic novel. Despite being greatly inferior in numbers, the greeks held the narrow pass for three days with spartan king leonidas fighting a lastditch defence with a small force of spartans and other greek hoplites. Vastly outnumbered, the greeks held back the persians for three days in one of historys most famous last stands. The 300 spartans led by the spartan king leonidas met the persians by thermopylae, while the naval forces, which were under. This week, we talk about one of the most famous battles ever. Now, the history channel offers a definitive perspective on the epic conflict. Battle in northern greece 480 bc in the persian wars. King leonidas of sparta and a force of 300 men fight the persians at thermopylae in 480 b. Did any of the 300 spartans survive the battle of thermopylae. The battle of the 300 spartans linkedin slideshare. The first line of defense would be at thermopylae, an area in central greece north of the gulf of corinth where three narrow passes form a gap between mountains and sea. The making of the 300 spartans battle of thermopylae diorama part 2 designing it on paper first this diorama is two feet by three feet and is quite dramatic. It is true there were only 300 spartan soldiers at thermopylae but they were not alone. Theirs was a suicide mission, to hold the pass against the invading millions of the mighty persian army.

Leonidas, like other spartans, was a religious man. The battle of thermopylaes political origins can be traced back to xerxes predecessor, darius i the great, who sent heralds to greek cities in 491 bce in the hopes of persuading them to accept persian authority. In antiquity its cliffs were by the sea, but silting has widened the distance to more than a mile. After three days resisting the much larger persian army of xerxes i, greek forces were betrayed by ephialtes and sent into retreat by their leader, leonidas, who died during a final stand. It gives many important details that have been left out of other tellings. Hed have them all form a line behind strong shields and lock formation, relying on long spears to deal with advancing enemy infantry. The 300 spartans is a 1962 cinemascope epic film depicting the battle of thermopylae. Battle of thermopylae is most famous for the last stand of 300 spartans though it is not known by many that it also involved 1100 warriors from other greek states. Professionals in a world of amateurs, the spartans alone of greek cities maintained a standing.

The making of the 300 battle of thermopylae diorama. The most popular misconception about the battle of thermopylae probably relates to the numbers fielded in the battle. Uebs 300 spartans battle of thermopylae ultimate epic battle simulator we are back with another ultimate epic battle simulator in this episode we pit 300 elite spartan warriors up against over. Three hundred of his fellow spartans stayed with him to fight to the end.

In this lesson students learn about the historical background to the battle and are asked to ponder some of its legacy, including how history is reported and interpreted from different perspectives. The battle of thermopylae was one of many battles fought between the greeks and the persians during the grecopersian wars, which took place between c. It stars richard egan as the spartan king leonidas, sir ralph richardson as themistocles of athens and david farrar as persian king xerxes, with diane baker as. So the battle of thermopylae included a land and sea component. A captivating guide to one of the greatest battles in ancient history between the spartans and persians. Hello, i know that herodotus wrote down the names of the 300 spartans at thermopylae because he said that they deserved to be remembered. Persians under xerxes had both a land and a sea force with which they attempted to defeat those greeks who wouldnt willingly accept persian domination, as many greek citystates had already done. Back then, persia was the superpower, while greece was a collection of citystates. But while greece showed these inclinations to join the persians, the athenians, for their part, embarked in their ships and hastened to the defence of artemisium. The myth legend says that that 300 spartans alone defended the hot gates at thermopylae during the first day the persians were said to have shot sow many arrows at once that it blacked out the sun the persian army, according to myth, numbered over 1 million strong end show. The performance of the defenders at the battle of thermopylae is also used as an example of the advantages of training, equipment, and good use of terrain as force multipliers and has become a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds. Battle of thermopylae against the persian army in 480 b. This makes its way onto the blog for men for obvious reasons. The last stand of the 300 spartans top documentary films.

Thermopylae is a mountain pass near the sea in northern greece which was the site of several battles in antiquity, the most famous being that between persians and greeks in august 480 bce. The battle of thermopylae was fought in central greece at the mountain pass of thermopylae in 480 bce during the persian wars. It was fought for 3 days in the year 480 bc and was part of the second persian invasion of greece led by xerxes the great. The 300 spartans were a minority of the defending force not just in the army but even in the last stand but the clash became the battle of the spartan 300, not the greek 7,000, in popular imagination. King leonidas and 300 spartans against million persian army. Assassins creed odyssey the battle of thermopylae 300 spartans.

In the previous page i talked about doing research for a diorama and this page is where the tutorial begins. The battle of thermopylae is arguably the most famous battle before ce, certainly ranking up there with zama during the punic wars 2nd century bce and tours in 732 ce. The greeks chose the narrow pass of thermopylae as the site of the battle in a brilliant strategic move and. The heroic fall of leonidas i and the 300 spartans history kindle edition by minutes, 50. The real history behind the hollywood fiction of spartas participation at battle of thermopylae and its 300 spartans sacrifice. To defend greece against an invasion of the persian empire during the summer of 480 b. Now i wonder if anyone know where i can find these, cuz i dont, please send a link in that case. Digg this frank millers graphic novel, 300, comes to theaters on march 9, putting the climactic battle between the ancient persians and the spartans on the big screen. For centuries, students, scholars, historians and military strategists have studied it, and they continue to do so. Analysis of the movie 300 the battle of thermopylae 1560 words 7 pages. Thermopylae is primarily known for the battle that took place there in 480 bc, in which an outnumbered greek force probably of seven thousand including the famous 300 spartans, 500 warriors from tegea, 500 from mantinea, 120 from arcadian orchomenos, from the rest of arcadia, 200 from phlius, 80 from mycenae, 400 corinthians, 400 thebans, phocians and the opuntian locrians held off.

The spartans were famous for their phalanx formation of battle. How would leonidas command 300 american soldiers in the. The greek loyalists battle for six days in a prelude to their ultimate victory. Thermopylae resonates throughout history as a battle involving extreme courage and sacrifice. Battle of thermopylae facts, myths, legends, map, pictures and statistics. However, king leonidas picked 300 spartan soldiers to go with him to thermopylae. The battle of thermopylae lasted a total of seven days, but there was no fighting on the first four, as the persians waited to see if the greeks would surrender. The battle for the west is one of those greatly accessible, pleasantly reading, and yet academically meaty history books. It was in this rocky pass in northern greece that leonidas, king of the spartans and commanderinchief of the greek force, delayed the persian hordes for three days against overwhelming odds. It took place in a narrow gorge, called thermopylae, where a group of 300 spartan hoplites died heroically, blocking a way to the persian army of the tsar xerxes i. With gerard butler, lena headey, david wenham, dominic west.

This website is dedicated to king leonidas, the 300 spartans, 700 thespians and other greek warriors who fought to the death during the battle of thermopylae hot gates in august, 480 b. Remember, solving crosswords is a great way to train your memory, learn a lot, and develop analytical skills. The film promises to be a heavily stylized visual bacchanalia to be sure, but, in its subject matter and its timing, it promises to convey a message both about our understanding of the ancient past and our understanding of. The spartan and thespian last stand has been immortalized in the works of herodotus and glorified in the 1962 movie the 300 spartans starring richard egan, along with many other mediums consisting of. Fearless defenders of liberty, they followed a strict military way of life. Leonidas, the king of sparta, motivates his warriors to defend the hot gates, thus blocking the invading persian forces of xerxes into the narrow. This was a great telling of the battle of thermopylae.

At thermopylae, a rocky mountain pass in northern greece, the feared and admired spartan soldiers stood three hundred strong. If youve been looking for the answer to leader of the 300 spartans at the battle of thermopylae, were happy to share that you can find it here with us. Its story is based on the famous battle of thermopylae, quote the battle of thermopylae r. Why did the king of sparta leonidas decided to bring 300. It is based on material from the wikipedia article battle of thermopylae. Made with the cooperation of the greek government, it was shot in the village of perachora in the peloponnese. Leonidas had to depart from sparta with just a small advance force due to religious reasons, but circumstances made him unable to wait for the full force to reinforce him. In fact, in many corners of popular culture, the encounter is often depicted as 300 spartans aided by their ragtag group of allies versus over a million persians. Zac snyders movie, 300, came under fire for its fanciful retelling of the battle of thermopylae. The battle of thermopylae and the heroic stand of the 300 spartans is one of the most wellknown battles of ancient times, mainly due to the 2006 film 300 and its 2014 sequel 300. Battle of thermopylae ancient history encyclopedia. It was fought between an alliance of greek citystates, led by sparta, and the persian empire of xerxes i.

The legendary battle of thermopylae the 300 spartans. In the battle of thermopylae as detailed almost entirely by herodotus, which occurred in 480 bc, an alliance of greek citystates fought the invading persian empire at the pass of thermopylae in central greece. Battle of thermopylae is a symbol of courage and patriotism. The king himself remained in the pass with his 300 spartans and 400 thebans, along with 700 thespians who refused to leave. The battle of thermopylae is a battle in september 480 bc during the greekpersian war 480 479 bc. The battle that changed the world, describes spartas unique society and culture at the time xerxes was amassing his army. Were there really only 300 spartans at the battle of thermopylae. The 300 spartans led by the spartan king leonidas met the persians by thermopylae, while the naval forces, which were under the athenian themistocles, met them by sea, most importantly at artemisium. The battle of thermopylae is literally a textbook case, required reading even to this day at military colleges and officer training around the world. In 490 the persian emperor darius had sent an invasion force across the aegean to punish eretria and athens for their support of the ionian revolt. Leader of the 300 spartans at the battle of thermopylae. Nearly 2,500 years ago, in 480bc, at a bleak pass in a farflung corner of eastern greece, three hundred spartan warriors faced the army of xerxes of persia, a. The battle of thermopylaes political origins can be traced back to xerxes predecessor, darius i the great, who sent heralds to greek cities in 491 bce in.

A surviving bronze sculpture, likely created in or near sparta, depicts a young girl running. It is all based around the battle of thermopylae, at which 300 spartans took on a huge number of persian soldiers. The battle of thermopylae august 480 bc is one of the most famous military defeats in history, and is best known for the fate of the 300 spartans, killed alongside 700 thespians on the final day of the battle grecopersian wars. Battle of thermopylae, august 480 bc military history. Nevertheless, he did stick to the gist of what actually happened pretty much. In 480 bc a small force of spartans, thespians, and thebans led by king leonidas approximately 300 were full spartiates, 700 were thespians, and 400 were thebans. The movie was generally accepted as a pretty good action flick. That is the reason why the spartans had their reputation for powerful fighting.

The battle of thermopylae, 480 bc, was a battle in the second persian invasion of greece. Battle of thermopylae date, location, and facts britannica. He well uses both modern and ancient sources to tell the story not just of the battle of thermopylae, but also of the whole war in which it took place. Last stand of the 300 is an interesting 90minute documentary from the history channel explaining the details of the ancient spartans showdown with the persian army at the battle of thermopylae. In zack snyders 300, the battle of thermopylae, the life of the spartans and the glory of war comes to life on the big screen for all audiences worldwide. Its long been a fascinating subject, but it hit popular culture in a big way with the 2007 feature film 300, based on the graphic novel by frank miller.

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