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So, its been a joy to spend the last week playing diaspora. Cries from syria 2017 syrian activists, revolutionary leaders, former army generals, journalists and ordinary citizens discuss their countrys humanitarian crisis and civil war. Syrian activists, revolutionary leaders, former army generals, journalists and ordinary citizens discuss their. Diaspora website for more information on how to download the game. This is a video series of the impressive fanmade game based on the battlestar galactica tv series, using freespace 2 source code project. A video series on the battlestar galactica fanmade game, diaspora, shattered armistice. Installing and running diaspora diasporadiaspora wiki. Shattered armistice is the space shooter weve waited a decade for. Shattered armistice a free fanmade battlestar galactica space combat simgame thats been newly released after. Shattered armistice game mod download the file diaspora. You assume the role of a colonial fighter pilot on the battlestar theseus during the fall. A nineyearold girl has become the star of a youtube comedy that depicts with bittersweet humour the harsh reality of everyday life in rebelheld. Google ordered to remove antiislamic film from youtube. Fanmade battlestar galactica game released for free pc gamer.

Thank the lords of kobol, then, for the team behind diaspora. A song from syria shares photographically about the humanitarian crisis caused by conflict in syria and how your gifts are making a difference in the lives of those. Shattered armistice free battlestar galactica game. Jump into the cockpit of a viper and defend the twelve colonies from the cylon threat. The best creepypasta stories to give you nightmares forever. Release shattered armistice official game soundtrack. Google ordered to remove sacrilegious film from youtube. Shattered armistice is a fan made mod for freespace 2 which puts the player into the battlestar galactica universe. Freeware space sim based on the new battlestar galactica. A ballad, narrates poetic stories in short stanzas, hence this musical documentary opens a glimpse into the life of maiza alhafez a musician and a syrian.

Cries from syria is unbearable to watch, and that is, of course, precisely why we need to watch it. Shattered armistice is a modification for freespace 2, an simulation game. Based on the remake of battlestar galactica, diaspora is a mod for the freespace 2 engine and the best of all its free. Beautiful flowers sleep relax music uhd tv screensaver duration. This means that you can use anything you want from diaspora models, missions, backgrounds in any way you wish, as long as you dont try to sell it and credit us for our work. The diaspora team are proud to present diaspora r1. A privacyaware, distributed, open source social network. Diaspora is a single and multiplayer space fighter combat game set in the reimagined battlestar galactica universe. With little time remaining to refuel, both the battlestar theseus and her viper fighter squadrons engage in a fierce, desperate struggle to survive against relentless cylon forces. Shattered armistice part 1 intro tutorials youtube. Shattered armistice is released under a creative commons attributionnoncommercialsharealike 3. Watch cries from syria online stream full movie directv.

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