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Aug 15, 2008 by stewart wolpin palm updates the windows version of the treo with the 800w. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. They were then manufactured and maintained by palm, inc. Palm pre original smart phone usb wall adapter with original palm pre charging usb data cable charger for palm pixi plus, palm pre plus, palm pixi, palm pre, treo pro, treo 800w in retail packaging. First impressions of the palm treo 800w with integrated wifi. Palm treo 800w smartphone download gps navigation software.

Advanced gomadic 2 in 1 auto car dc charger compatible with palm treo 800w with foldable wall ac charging plug amazing design built with tipexchange technology. Fast free domestic shipping to the usa for all accessories. Alarm clock, astraware sudoku, bubble breaker, calculator, calendar, camera, contacts, file explorer. Palm has added gps, wifi, and a highresolution screen, taken. The palm treo line of devices has been quite popular for years, but the palm faithful have been asking for wifi for a couple of years without success. If you have a windows xp computer, you must install the software that came with your treo on the getting started cd for palm treo 800w smart device, even if you already have a previous version of the desktop sync software installed on your computer. Its hard to believe that we havent seen a new windows mobile powered treo from palm since january of 2007. A builtin airport allows the palm treo 800w to connect to the internet at any wifi hotspot. Software for the treo 700w were looking at some of the first software formatted for the treo 700w. Palm and sprint have finally announced the treo 800w, nearly two.

Your palm treo 800 w smart device shows you the basics of your treo and service with quick, easytofollow instructions. We also built a generic rom updater across all treo windows mobile smartphones. Aside from the fact that the palm treo pro has just surfaced as the latest musthave palm treo smartphone, palm has acknowledged problems with the software controlling the palm treo 800ws usb port and battery. During that time, weve seen evolutionary changes to the palm os based treo and a repackaging of the palm os in the built for fun centro smartphone. The soft keys were particularly helpful for making the device easy to use with one hand. Copyright 2020 ambiance pro theme on genesis framework wordpress log inambiance pro theme on genesis framework wordpress. The palm treo pro is a combination pdacell phone offered in both gsm and cdma. Watch this video cell phone tutorial and learn how to use wifi web capabilities on a palm treo 800w. Mobiumgps navigation software gets you where youre going with turnbyturn voice directions and street names, informing you of the distance to your destination, and the estimated drive time. Last week palm released a few important software updates and information for your treo which is listed below. Read on as we take a look at 10 great programs, as well as a few others, to enhance your treo smartphone experience.

It has 320x320 pixels touch display, runs on windows mobile 6. An unboxing and quick look at the all new treo 800w, available on sprint. Your entire digital life now fits in a premium smartphone the size of a credit card. Sprint software downloads smartphones treo 800 by palm. Overview palm treo 800w your mobile device is your connection to the world and the gatekeeper to your personal data. When i plug into my desktop usb to sync, it works fine most of the time. Check this page for free software updates, applications and more.

All solutions provide coverage for loss, theft, physical damage and mechanical or electrical breakdown. Your setup guides you through the process of setting up your new treo, your sprint service, and your computer. On the treo 800w, we ported key applications to windows mobile 6. Specializing in palm smartphone, palm pda, and palm accessories. Stay connected to the internet as you go with your mobile phone. Jul 14, 2008 the treo 800w is palms latest smartphone for business users, and its first with wifi and gps. Is there software to view youtube for a 800w windows mobile phone. The palm treo 800w is a combination pdacell phone offered exclusively by sprint. Sep 05, 2008 if youre the proud owner of a new palm treo 800w, then you might be feeling a bit let down at this point. As other smartphone developers race toward bigger touch screens, slimmer metal cases, and storage on par with most personal media players, the markets straggler, palm, just managed to. Ive had my treo 800w for a week or so, just switching from the centro palm os. View and download palm treo 800w get started online.

Palm centro and treo accessories, software treonauts blog. First impressions of the palm treo 800w with integrated. Its smaller and sleeker than any of the older treos, and doesnt have the ugly antenna hump on top. Treo 800 by palm find the latest software from sprint for your smartphone. Unlike its predecessors that were broadly aimed at the general prosumer category, the treo 800w is squarely targeted at the business professional. The treo 800w makes its debut on sprint in a slate blue color with a pleasant soft touch finish. Hot sync and charge straight usb cable for the palm treo 800w charge and data sync with the same cable. Early this morning, palm and sprint s cramers take stockpickr announced the treo 800w, the centros big brother. Ryan kairer july 23, 2008 the treo 800w is palm s first new treo smartphone in over a year. Jul 14, 2008 with integrated gps and palm software enhancements, the treo 800w smartphone offers maps, pointtopoint directions and pointofinterest poi searches for locations such as restaurants or stores. Perfect for athletes, digital minimalists, kids, or people trying to temporarily escape distraction of their big phone. First impressions of the palm treo 800w with integrated wifi and gps. The treo 800w features a navigation array similar to the. Unlike the centro, the 800w is coated in a softtouch finish, which feels comfortable and safe when its inhand.

Check out one of our comprehensive device protection solutions to secure, replace and repair your investment. Treos had a number of integrated features such as the ability to check the calendar while talking on the phone, dial directly from a list of contacts, and send email messages. Treo 800w software the treo 800w is running windows mobile 6. Can palm make a comeback with their new treo 800w smartphone. At launch it is available only from sprint, and this is one of the first devices with support for evdo rev.

Jul 14, 2008 the treo 800w is palm s latest smartphone forbusiness users, and its first with wifi and gps. Its been a bit of a learning curve going to windows mobile. Problem installing micrsoft activesync for my palm treo. Treo 650, treo 700, treo 750, treo 800w, palm centro, palm pre. You own palm treo 800w windows mobile smartphone you need a full gps navigation system download mobium gps software now. Palm oem 1571007900 battery treo 685, 690, 800w, pre, pixi. There are two types of resets for the windows mobile palm treo 800w smartphone. Mobile fans have been asking palm to add wifi to the treo devices for a couple of years now and as of today, we finally have a. The shortlived device was replaced by the treo pro. Daylight saving time updates as you will undoubtedly already be aware, beginning this year, daylight saving time starts on the second. Alarm clock, astraware sudoku, bubble breaker, calculator, calendar, camera, contacts, file explorer, handmark pocket express, internet sharing, messaging. Getting started cd for palm treo 800w smart device, which.

Mar 08, 2006 in this article palm infocenter highlights some essential must have treo freeware applications. Maintaining safe use of and access to your palm treo 800. Mobile fans have been asking palm to add wifi to the treo devices for a couple of. Problem installing micrsoft activesync for my palm treo 800w using windows 6. There is a wealth of free and open source palm os software out there. Jul 14, 2008 one big improvement over previous treos is that the treo 800w now has a 2. May, 2008 palm treo 800w is the successor of the 700w, keeping similar formfactor but with integrated antenna. You see, the palm treo 800w is the first palm smartphone to finally offer integrated wifi and not only that, but gps as well. Our recycling program keeps palm handheld devices, smart devices, and. Jan 03, 2009 palm and sprint have finally announced the treo 800w, nearly two years after their last cdma windows mobile treo, the 700wx. How to use wifi on a palm treo 800w cell phone smartphones.

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