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Monitoring and surveillance of contacts is an effective measure to stop an epidemic. Ebola tratamientos, sintomas e informacion en cuidateplus. It is named after the ebola river, where the first recognized outbreak occurred. Ebola is the term for the viral genus ebolavirus ebov, or for the disease ebola hemorrhagic fever ehf. Ethical considerations surrounding the response to ebola. Ebola virus disease evd is a severe and, often fatal illness.

Ebola virus simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Periodo patogenico prevencion secundaria diagnostico precoz taratamiento por clinica. Ebola el ebola alcanza una nueva zona en congo y eleva el riesgo de expansion. Hemorrhagic means that the victim will bleed a lot, inside and outside their body. Electron micrographs show long filaments, characteristic of the filoviridae viral family. Lhote reservoir naturel du virus ebola reste inconnu. Ebola virus and its genus were both originally named for zaire now the democratic republic of congo, the country where it was first described, and was at first suspected to be a new strain of the closely related marburg virus. The virus was renamed ebola virus in 2010 to avoid confusion. Aug 18, 2016 the recent ebola virus disease evd outbreak, with 28,646 reported cases and 11,323 deaths, was declared a public health emergency of international interest by the world health organisation. In spain, a single reported case triggered a public health crisis of a markedly mediacentred nature. Oms brote epidemico del virus del ebola en africa occidental. It belongs to the family filoviridae and is responsible for a severe disease characterized by the sudden onset of hemorrhagic fever accompanied by other non specific signs and symptoms. Ebola ebola virus disease ebola ebola virus disease fact sheet.

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