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Dd forms listed below, that are in pdf interactive format, can have data entered directly into them, then can be saved and emailed. Mp will cite military personnel on armed forces traffic ticket dd form 1408, as a violation of article 92, ucmj. Today when i got in my car to go home for the night i realized that i had a ticket on my windshield. Its a crime to create a dd214 with information that is not correct, even if it is just awards and decorations see. To record names, signatures, and other identifiers for the purpose of validating the trustworthiness of individuals requesting access to department of defense dod systems and information. Just curious what happens to all those nice pink pieces of paper we give you.

The defense finance and accounting service dfas is the designated agent for all uniformed military services. Civilian users will be cited on united states district court violation notice cvb which may require an appearance before a united states u. Free download dd form 2875 dd form 2875 download pdf template. Dd form 1408 copy 2, reverse side, yellow figure 114. To initiate an application for correction of military record.

Dd form 486, dod single line item requisition system document. Dd form 1750 download fillable pdf or fill online packing. Standard form 1408, preaward survey of prospective. Uniformed services former spouses protection act usfspa. Part h alcoholic influence report dd from 1920 horizontal gaze nystagmus test figure 1. The dd form 214, certificate of release or discharge from active duty, generally referred to as a dd 214, is a document of the united states department of defense, issued upon a military service members retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the armed forces of the united states, e. Pdf, data for payment of retired personnel dd form 26565. A pdf of the sf1408 is available as a part of the olympic project cost sure step program, and. The dd form 214, officially dd form 214 certificate of release or discharge from active duty, but generally referred to as a dd 214, is a document of the united states department of defense, issued upon a military service members retirement, separation or discharge from activeduty military. The uniformed services former spouses protection act fspa, 10 u. These are offered as rare and obsolete collectables. Forces traffic ticket dd form 1408 simply referred to as a 1408 by post law enforcement officials.

This is the first time i have ever received a ticket onoff base and i am unsure of what my next steps should be. Selfemployed, temporarily working in another country within the european economic area when to use this form this form should be used by a person who is normally selfemployed in the united kingdom uk and is going to work temporarily in another country within the european economic area eea. Pdf blank dd form 48 6 pdf blank dd form 48 6 download. Dd form 1805 copy 1 reverse part g armed forces traffic ticket dd from 1408 figure 112. Fort benning directorate of emergency services des. Serial number for surveying activity use preaward survey. It goes to the commander or if a civilian on post, the supervisor of the person to whom it was issued. Code 23 and dod directive paul ricoeur narrative identity pdf 7220. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view u. Dd form 1408 armed forces traffic ticket can be issued to vehicle operators in violation of installation motor vehicle rules. Dd form 481a, issue releasereceipt document mils document. The fspa does not automatically entitle a former spouse to a portion of the members.

Unissued condition, all years from 1958 to 1994 available, inquire for details. Armed forces traffic ticket book, consisting of 25 threepart sets. Traffic points from dd form 1408 are assessed by your commander, commander of the military family members sponsor, or civilian supervisor and can result in suspended driving. Preaward survey of prospective contractor accounting system. If you receive a dd form 1408 traffic ticket you can discuss the issue with your commander or civilian supervisor who makes the final decision. Pdf, application for identification carddeers enrollment dd form 2656. Dd form 1408 tickets are also issued to operators of government vehicles for violation installation motor vehicle rules. Those that have been issued a dd 1408 for a traffic offense, what was the outcome through your leadership. You dont have to pay a fine if you are issued a 1408, but a copy of the ticket will be sent to the chain of command of military members for action to be taken, if the. Report type information traffic military offense criminal complaint 3. Furthermore, the dod forms management program serves as the single source of information for blank forms belonging to and used within the department of defense.

The commander will then decide on whatever needs to be done to correctpunish the offender, often with a counseling statement. For dd form 1408, return endorsements will be required from commanders or supervisors. Of 178 certificate of medical examination cancelled 4102020. This means that we are responsible for making sure that all military services and dod components remain compliant with established form policies, and that all approved forms are current. Dd form 2293, application for former spouse payments from. It also provides a method for enforcing these orders through the coast guard. Ca3837 selfemployed, temporarily working in another. A sdvosb service disabled veteran owned small business. Commanders and civilian supervisors are the adjudicating authority on all dd form 1408. The first page by a military personnel social security copies of the dd 43 may be obtained. In particular, its used for all shipments and freighting of equipment and materials to and from military installations. Pdf, reserve component survivor benefit plan rcsbp election certificate.

Gsa 3617 record of authorization of access to proprietary or source selection information cancelled 5122020. Dd 200, financial liability investigation of property loss flipl supercedes da4697 in many units. Read privacy act statement, penalty statement, and. For more information, you may contact dfas at 18883327411. Standard form 1408, preaward survey of prospective contractor accounting system updated on jan, 2017 when the government evaluates a bid for goods or services, first it determines whether the bid meets all specifications, then it determines if you can meet those specificationsthrough a. Sf 299 application for transportation, utility systems. Dd form 1750 or the army packing list is a form used by the department of defense dod as a packing list used for keeping track of certain items within the u. Army da administrative publications and forms by the army publishing directorate apd.

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